About us



ROCKEY.nl is a Netherlands based online store offering the full range of ROCKEY products manufactured by Feitian Technologies.

Feitian is well-known as one of the top software security product manufacturers with a client base numbering in the tens of thousands which use its products to prevent software piracy and illegal software duplication. Many professional software developers like you have benefited from the use of ROCKEY range of products for their software security purposes.




Software piracy

Software piracy has incurred billions of dollars in losses to software developers worldwide and the number is ever increasing. At ROCKEY, we aim to work with software developers to maximize their anti software-piracy potential and in return increase their revenue.

Today's highly competitive software market has caused many software developers to reduce their product pricing in order to cope. Again at ROCKEY, we aim to supply the best possible anti-software piracy solution at the most competitive pricing so that you can still maintain your profits without sacrificing quality or value.

Our MISSION at ROCKEY.nl is to be the top anti-software piracy provider in the BeNeLux region by year 2004. We need your support to let us get there and in return you can be one of our happy customers soon.

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