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Currently, the focus of NOVARIS is on security products for the software industry. We are distributor of ROCKEY and ePASS security products (produced by Feitian Technologies) in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

We take pride not only in using leading edge technology, ensuring the best security at an affordable cost, but furthermore the ease with which our customers implement the security.

We are always interested to hear from potential resellers who have an established client base and who can provide marketing and support for our products.

www.rockey.nl is our online store offering the full range of ROCKEY security products.

ePass.nl is our online store for ePass cryptographic security solutions.

security products


ROCKEY dongle

ROCKEY is a hardware-based software security product designed to enforce software license agreements and prevent unauthorized duplication (LPT and USB dongles).

ePass cryptographic token

ePass1000, ePass2000 are portable USB attached cryptographic tokens. Ideal for PKI and smart card applications: two-factor authentication, E-mail encryption, SSL secured websites, password consolidation, secure login...


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